Otis McAllister brands

Otis McAllister, Inc partners with the finest canned fruits and vegetables manufacturers to bring delicious and nutritious products to our customers worldwide.

Since 1953, Flor de California, our line of canned fruit and vegetables representing the highest quality and value from California - the largest agricultural valley in the world.

A line of canned goods and vegetables widely sold in the U.S. and selective export markets. This brand was acquired by Otis McAllister in 2002, however the brand has been around much longer than that. The name takes after our Bay area location highest mountain, also called Mount Diablo.

We wanted to capture the flavor of our juicy sun ripened tomatoes grown right here in California. We created a line extension of our regular tomato line and as a result you have all these different styles and flavors to compliment your meals. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Known as "A San Francisco Favorite Since 1892," Royce brand has been supplying the world with some of the finest, most nutritious canned and processed foods available for today's healthy-eating, consumer-oriented market.

A line of canned vegetables widely sold in the U.S. and selective export markets. The Sierra brand name is derived from the Sierra Nevada snowy mountain range that is the home to California's Lake Tahoe, Mount Whitney, Yosemite Valley National Park, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Devils Postpile National Monument, representing the very best that California has to offer.


Founded in 1896 by three California grocery wholesalers, S&W has grown from a simple idea to become a name known worldwide for quality and taste. From fruits and vegetables to dressings and sauces, S&W has been a part of great meals for generations, bringing healthy and nutritious food to millions of homes.

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