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As the largest supplier of jasmine rice to the United States, we felt it was our responsibility to provide the home chef with an alternative to the domestically grown, factory produced rice that has lost the original value of rice. From these principles were born our highest ideal of rice - Village Harvest.

Village Harvest believes in the importance of authenticity and tradition in the kitchen. That's why we searched to the ends of the earth to bring our customers the freshest, finest, and most authentic rice. Village Harvest rice comes from the very lands where they originated so you know the meals you prepare maintain the highest authenticity in taste, texture, and fragrance.

Although Village Harvest is based in San Francisco, we grow our jasmine in the heart of Thailand, our Basmati at the base of the Himalayas, and our Arborio in the Po Valley of Piemonte, Italy. We demand that jasmine maintain its natural translucent color, and that when cooked, it releases its natural soft aroma. As it did thousands of years ago, Village Harvest Basmati elongates in shape when immersed in hot water and releases a soft aroma. Village Harvest Arborio asborbs the nutrients and richness of Italian soil so that when it becomes delicious risotto, the texture of the plump pearl kernels becomes soft and creamy. We are proud Village Harvest rice is the only imported, organic Jasmine, Basmati, and Arborio on the market today. Village Harvest rice brings the aromas, textures and tastes of Thailand, India, and Italy onto your kitchen table.

Super Lucky Elephant rice is a deliciously fragrant and sweet rice. Officially named Thai Hom Mali Rice, it is truly wonderfully authentic scented rice, known for its flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

We provide this rice in 2, 5, 25, and 50 lb bags to suit varying needs. Combined with its softer texture, this versatile rice has the perfect taste to match with just about any Asian cuisine and can serve a variety of uses. Our rice is tested for purity throughout the milling process.

Himalayan Pride Basmati Rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. Its unique flavor, aroma, and delicate texture comes from a combination of soil and climate conditions along with a nutritional water source from the melting snow of the mountains. This combination is one reason why domestic Basmati differs so much from that of imported Indian Basmati. Domestic Basmati is also slightly less aromatic.

Himalayan Pride Basmati is aged a minimum of one year and available in 5 and 15.5 lb bags. Organic Brown Basmati rice is now available in 10 lb bags.

The taste of Riso Angelita rice conjures tastes and flavors of Italy. Grown in the Po Valley of Northern Italy, its pearly white color, smooth starch release, and creamy cooking texture creates risotto dishes that would make your own Italian grandmother smile.

Riso Angelita Arborio is packaged in a 1kg vacuum pack to preserve its authentic flavor and fresh taste. These flavors make it a premier choice for restaurant and home chefs around the country. Come to Italy with us by experiencing Riso Angelita Arborio and see what our world has to offer.

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