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Did you know that you can actually taste the difference of rice and grains grown in their natural environments? It’s true. Just like wine, native soils and climates affect the taste, scent and texture of rice and grains. Village Harvest appreciates these differences and offers a variety of authentic, traditional rice and grains sourced from India, Thailand, Peru and Italy. Try them all and taste the difference. Click here to see a current offering of dry rice varieties.

Village Harvest goes to extremes for our rice and whole grains. We travel to the ends of the earth to offer the most authentic, premium quality rice available from the lands in which they’re grown. But we don’t stop there. We’ve also pushed the boundaries by freezing our pre-cooked whole grains at -300˚F so that they pour like cereal, heat like magic and taste like heaven. So whether you’re in the mood to prepare an exotic authentic dinner party for six or looking for a quick, healthy foundation for a weeknight meal, Village Harvest has done the legwork to make sure your choice is simple. Click here to see a current offering of frozen rice varieties.

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