SF Museum & Historical Society
Otis McAllister and San Francisco History Museum

As most people around the world are aware, the City of San Francisco was hit with a powerful earthquake in 1906. That quake resulted in severe damage to the entire city, and a great fire broke out destroying what records were left intact after the earthquake.

On June 30, 2003, an official "kick-off" was held at The Old Mint, located at Fifth and Mission Streets in San Francisco to help raise funds to rebuild the City's extensive history. Otis McAllister contributed financially to this cause and has become a Charter Member of the new San Francisco Museum and Historical Society location - The Old Mint.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please contact a committee member at (415) 775-1111, or write to them at the following address.

San Francisco Museum and HIstorical Society
P.O. Box 420569
San Francisco, CA 94142-0569

Additional information can be found by visiting the San Francisco Museum and Historial Society website,  www.sfhistory.org.

The U.S. Mint survives devastating 1906 earthquake.
Original San Franciso MintRenovated San Francisco Mint