Current 86 Restaurant Struggle’s donations campaign.

The struggles of the foodservice industry during the COVID-19 pandemic are known, seen, and felt by us all. Every single day we hear stories of frustrations and struggles from those in the industry.

So many restaurants were forced to suddenly shut down, leaving their workers in difficult situations. 86 Restaurant Struggle aims to help those who are hurting the most by these shutdowns and WANT to return to work. 

After their restaurants shut down due to COVID, Southern California Chef, Andrew Gruel and his wife took it upon themselves to help their struggling employees. After seeing the impact it made, they decided to take this concept and expand it throughout the United States. Now, through generous donations, 86 Restaurant Struggle directly helps struggling restaurant-industry employees who have either lost their job or need a small leg-up to cover rent payments, medical bills, childcare or any other day-to-day help. 86 Restaurant Struggle uses a volunteer administration team to check and confirm references, employers, and other information to ensure honesty and transparency.

Otis McAllister Foodservice, through a donation under Mary Lobaugh, has donated $500 to this cause. At Otis McAllister, we are fully supportive of owners, employees, and all involved in the foodservice and restaurant industry. Should you wish to donate to this cause, click here.

Thank you for your support of Otis McAllister and please continue to join us in our support of the restaurant industry and your local restaurant options.